T.V.T.S events

This club is proud to be LGBT Friendly

It is a very laid back afternoon and all they ask of the "straight" couples or ladies is that you try to remember that its not your day.
It really is an ideal day for those that are new or experienced alike. 

Welcome to one of the biggest and best T girl experiences.

This event has been run now for some time at the Attic and is well attended.. The hostess is the lovely Lana Scott and can be found on Fab swingers.

No pressure environment where someone can be the woman they wish to be if only for the afternoon

It is a very successful event ideal for tvs/admirers and those interested in the transgender scene, ideal for first timers as its a very laid back friendly
event in a discreet location with many facilities.Busiest days,usually up to 20 t-girls attend and dozens of admirers).they now have a t-girls changing area and lockers to rent out so you can keep your clothes and dress there,it has a large safe carpark so if your confident you can arrive dressed too.

it's the best value tranny friendly place in the uk

At just a tenner to get in, and free membership.plus once the extensions complete it will be one of the biggest adult clubs in the uk.