Say hello to the  rules of the Attic team

No Touching without permission

Please refrain from following people around the club,it isnt very nice and can be offputting for most members If people want your attention they will ask for it, do not pester ,No means No .

No Mobile phones to be used anywhere inside the club

Do Not USE YOUR MOBILE PHONE anywhere inside the club. Excuses like " i was just checking the time" or "Just checking my messages" is simply not good enough. There are no excuses at all If you use your phone for any reason you will be asked to leave immediately. Please note this also applys to the use of Cameras

Allow people privacy

If a room is closed then do not open or attempt to open the door.
Allow people to play in private .

No Drugs full stop.

Seems obvious but no drugs at this club! anyone found using,carrying or selling drugs will be instantly banned and may even reported to the police.

No arguing or Heated discussions please

Please do not have heated arguments inside the club,it really isnt very nice and can upset the mood of anyone that attends.You will be asked to leave if found arguing and will not be asked back.

No prostitution or selling sexual favours

anyone found doing so will be banned and reported to the police.
Anyone offered sexual services for money then please report them to staff without delay.

No Smoking inside the club,Also we do not allow the use of vape cigarettes

As in most clubs now we do not allow smoking inside the Attic premises. If you wish to smoke then please use the smoking area outside. This also applys to electronic vape cigarettes.

If you make a mess please clean up

If you make a mess for any reason please be considerate and clean up after yourself.
It is your responsibilty to leave the place/room as you found it.


Swingers events may be populated by people who are generous with the physical expression of their sexuality, but they are never a free-for-all. Unless you get unequivocal consent, then back  off.

Drink responsibly:

A poor way to end your  great evening would be by consuming too much alcohol.
It is unattractive and will only lead to further issues.
Whoever you are , you will be told to leave.


Sorry but thats the law !
If you look below this age and cannot provide suitable proof of age then you will not be allowed to enter 

There is NO sex allowed on or surrounding the Dancefloor area

This is due to complaints from frequent Club visitors and therefore will be enforced 

If in doubt about any of the rules illustrated above then please feel free to contact the club via telephone or email.

A contact form is below  for you to ask any questions that may arise.

Please be considerate when asking questions and ensure that they are not already answered elsewhere on this website.


Unit 2,Osmaston Road Business Park,281 Osmaston Road Derby
at the rear of Post Code DE23 8LD


01332 205018 


If calling the club then please contact within opening hours.
They can be found on the opening page.