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Sad news for Fetish Events

A few people asked the club to schedule a fetish event at the club a few months ago. Of course we listened and did so, sorry to say that the attendance was poor and we have decided to stop the event .

Seems that some people think you can use mobile phones

A few people have attempted to use their mobile phones just lately , If you use your phone even for a second then you will see the exit door , no excuses .

14th April Weekend 

What a great event! excellent party thrown by Hidden Desires! How about doing them every month? I am sure you will all agree what fantastic hosts they are, a great asset to the club :)

14th April Weekend 

Many people turned up to the club and chose to ignore the dresscode , sorry that you got turned away but please show a little dress effort when attending.We must all remember to adhere to the rules and keep the club going from strength to strength. A special note for couples: Male of the couple please make an effort with the dresscode , the fact you have a female partner does not make you exempt. You will both be turned away.

7th April Weekend 

Well Deb`s Party went off with a real bang! Great to see all those that attended and joined in the fun! Happy Birthday deb :) from us all!

Dungeons & Dragqueens Event 

Everyone at the club wishes to thank all people that attended and made it a fantastic night!
No problems at all and lets do it again at the next one! Thank you :)

Single males attending the club

All Single males wishing to attend the club (especially at themed events) Must ring ahead to confirm entry.There have been a few dissapointed males that have been turned away because of failure to do so. Do not arrive and argue with the staff at reception because you get refused, do not ask for the manager he made the rules! The decision is final.

New Opening on a Sunday

The club now opens on the first Sunday of every month for people that wish to attend the NEW fetish event. We must express that on other sunday`s the club remains closed.

Rules on the Dancefloor

Please remember to refrain from taking ANY drinks onto the dancefloor area, this includes everyone, spilt drinks pose a danger to everyone.

Mobile Phone Use

Although the club rules state quite obviously that NO mobile phones are to be used inside the club , a few are still ignoring this rule. We will express again that you will be told to leave if found using any recording device. There are NO excuses.

Confusion over Cinema pricing

The new pricing structure is in place for those wishing to attend the attic cinema events, it is now free for all single females & couples that wish to come along.

New Rooms are complete

The new rooms at the Club are finished! The GOOD & Evil rooms are now located to the right of the stairs, this also includes a Naked Playroom.

Female Dress Code

Can we take this oppurtunity to state that the female dress code follows the same rules as the male dress code , no ripped jeans,trainers etc ..the dresscode is listed here