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DO NOT USE MOBILE PHONES: If you are found using your mobile phone for any reason you will be asked to leave the club: Do not use excuses like you was checking the time , checking up on the babysitter,or any excuse at all 
DO NOT ATTEND WEARING TRAINERS: This Rule is simple and applies to everyone, If you attend wearing trainers you will NOT be given entry.
NO HATS TO BE WORN INSIDE THE CLUB: This Rule applies to everyone, you should not wear caps or hats inside the club . 
IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM: If you have a problem of any type then please inform a member of staff , please do not try to deal with it yourself. 
DO NOT GET DRUNK: If you appear to be drunk or under the influence of any drugs you will be asked to leave.
NO MEANS NO: If you are persistent in your request with someone who does not want your attention then you will be asked to leave. Take the hint and move on elsewhere.
SINGLE MALES: Do not travel a long way without calling the club first, You may not gain entry due to the ratio of couples/singles inside.
SINGLE MALES: Please refrain from travelling around in groups , it is quite intimidating for other people.
IF YOU ARE REFUSED ENTRY: If you are refused entry to the club then the decision is final , please dont argue with the staff or you will recieve a lifetime ban. 
ACCOMMODATION: Please DO NOT email the website for information about accommodation or bookings , please call the club (01332 205018) During opening hours.
THE CLUB IS CLOSED ON A SUNDAY: The club is now closed on a sunday, there are no fetish events  they have been cancelled.