No Membership Required!
Tel:01332 205018

Please ensure that you read the Faq details below before emailing the club.
We cannot tell you if its ok to attend or book accommodation for you.
Please ring the Club if more detailed information is required.
01332 205018
(during opening hours)

Monday, June 11, 2018
It is a swingers club situated in derby .We do not run any membership so anyone is free to attend.
All the club asks is that you read the rules and act accordingly..
Most importantly that you adhere to the dress code and rules , always remember that mobile phones are not allowed to be used even for a second .
We do NOT run a membership scheme and we never have done. Anyone can attend , Club events do not require you to be on a guestlist but we do ask single males to ring ahead if wishing to attend.This is simply to make sure that we keep a happy ratio of people inside the club.
No you certainly DO NOT. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We will not take any personal information from you except maybe your first names .This is simply to ensure that in the event of an emergency everyone is accounted for .
Yes you sure can! we understand that everyone likes variety so feel free to visit us.
Please see the Pricing Page for your relevant costings to attend . We offer the best price for clubs in the midlands as you will see.
Please see the Opening Page for your relevant times to attend . However Themed Monthly events start at 7pm and end at 2.00am .This also applies to Friday and Saturday Evening Events.
Last entry will be 12.00 Midnight.
No exceptions
we have our onsite accommodation at the club. Please visit the Accommodation page for more details. Otherwise ring the club on 01332 205018
We pride ourselves at been a no-pressure enviroment.
You dont have to do anything at all, our staff are pleasant and will advise you about anything you want to know.
Please remember that you have to be 21 years or older to enter the club.
Our Customers are an eclectic mix of well mannered and fun individuals; staff and existing members make a great effort to put Newbies at ease and we are confident that you will feel at home very quickly! Unlike many clubs, we show you around and, if you wish, introduce you to other members.
Yes you can ! but please read the rules and Dresscode
Please be aware that places can be limited on event nights .
There are many single males wishing to enter the club so we like to keep an even ratio of couples and singles.
No we do not sell alcohol but feel free to bring your own, pop it in our fridge:)
Please go to the upstairs reception area and hand it to one of the staff members. They will place it safely in the fridge etc and ask you for a small deposit or your car keys for a deposit. If you have a locker band then you can use that instead :)
Dresscode is smart/casual but please pay special attention to the Dresscode page . If you attend in trainers or scruff wear then you will not gain entry.
Yes you certainly can. If you have a change of clothes then please inform the reception staff upon arrival. We also have a shower unit that you can freshen up with  if needed.
Lockers are available for a £5.00 Deposit that will be returned to you when you leave the club.
Yes we do, they are totally free! , just ask at reception :)
The club has a very large carpark and it is totally free! On event nights it is advised to arrive early because the club gets very busy. Please also remember that the club parking is only available during club opening hours .
You CAN NOT smoke anywhere inside the club, but there is a smoking area just outside reception.
This rule also applies to Vape cigarettes
he age ranges are so various it would be impossible to say. We do not discriminate against age so all are welcome as long as you are 21 or over .
No cameras allowed anywhere inside the club.If you are found using one (or mobile phone) you will be asked to leave without delay. We like to protect peoples privacy.
You should inform a member of staff to deal with the problem, please do not attempt to deal with it yourself, do not argue with anyone.
his does happen from time to time BUT there is an unwritten rule in swinging clubs that says "whatever happens in the club, stays in the club" and remember everyone is here because they have a common interest (and its not stamp collecting...).
Sorry no you cannot pay by card.
No you can buy them at the club , but you may bring your own if you wish. Safe sex is always promoted here .


Then please ring the club on 01332 205018 and they will gladly answer any questions that you may have :)