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Attic FAQ

simple answer is NO.
.HOWEVER if you are a single male then its best to ring ahead if you are travelling a long distance, especially on a saturday night when it can get real busy.
You may wish to just turn up but you may risk the dissapointment of been turned away!

No is the answer there... Totally up to you. We have people that just like to watch, some that only like to play with their partners.. and there is a place for everyone. You should only do what you feel comfortable with, and if anyone tries to push you or makes you feel uncomfortable then please tell a member of staff.
We have Zero tolerance to any unwanted touching or attention "No Means No"

No, Although we do have a dress code of smart for Gentlemen and sexy as you like for ladies, you do not have to get naked. There are towels available and some do end up in their towels, but you certainly do not have to.

Yes, not everyone wants to travel in their sexy wear so you can use the locker rooms provided. There is one for couples and single ladies, and a separate one for single guys.
If attending from work etc then please inform the staff at reception that you will be getting changed whilst inside the club .

How long is a piece of string?.... The club attracts a mixed range of people from all age ranges and many walks of life.However remember you have to be 21 years of age minimum to enter this club

We run a BYOB policy. So bring it along.. put your name on it and pop it in the fridge. We do sell hot drinks and soft drinks

Absolutely not...the club can no more control what people may or may not do than we can control the weather.
Be polite and mingle, do not be afraid to socialize , see what happens.
If you just roam around and follow other members then this can be very off putting

We cannot pretend this does not happen, from time to time it does, BUT there is an unwritten rule in swinging clubs that says "whatever happens in the club, stays in the club" and remember everyone is here because they have a common interest (and its not stamp collecting...).

Any lost property found will be kept for 14 days for you to collect or at least notify us what you have left behind. Any belongings after this time period may be discarded

No although you can smoke in the area outside reception

The attic has a very large car park , you will be able to park easily and there are no fees
However the Attic accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whilst using the car park.
There are regular patrols of the whole site at regular intervals by members of staff :)

Yes. When signing in you will be given a key for your own private locker which you can store your valuables in.
There is a charge of £5.00 for this which will be returned to you when you hand in your key upon leaving.
This is probably the best time to put away your phone or any other recording devices :)

Whilst we allow the consumption of your own Alcohol, we do not tolerate obnoxious or inconsiderate behaviour
Know your own limit please
If we consider that you have had too much to drink when you arrive, admission WILL be refused

No, we have a large selection of soft drinks available from the bar at a sensible cost.

we do not serve hot food but we do have snacks and crisps etc

No Photos - No Mobile - Phones - No Filming
cameras and phones should be kept in lockers.
This is a rule that we take very seriously, if you are found using a mobile phone or any recording device then you will be ejected from the club and even face a ban
Respect other peoples privacy at all times

yes we supply condoms and are available at the bar ...however they are not free

Yes and they are totally free for use in the sauna,Just ask at reception :)

If it's your first time or you're arriving on your own you will get shown around and even introduced if required

yes of course you can :)
We appreciate you exploring New Horizons, but just like you, we are unique.

We do offer accommodation at the Attic House for £25 per night, but if it is booked there are many hotels in the near vicinity