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There is a strict dresscode for visitors to the club.

If unsure ring the club ahead of leaving, do not just turn up
Please read below .

The Rules below apply to everyone.
There are no exceptions.

When attending a monthly event and you are not in fancy dress then the rules still apply.


No Trainers

We dont care how expensive they are!
If they look like trainers they are trainers!


No Tracksuits

No tracksuits please , dress to impress. You wont be impressed when you dont get admission to the club!


No Hoodies

No hoodies please . They are not attractive


No Unironed Clothing

Make an effort.


No Work clothes

No work clothes . 
It is not appealing to anyone to meet you with clothes that you have had on all day.


Again, No work clothes

If you bring a change of clothing you may get changed at the club , maybe use our shower to freshen up?

For Women  
remember to dress comfortably -- that's first and foremost. The aim is to wear clothing that will turn not only your partner's head but others as well. Most men and many women are very visual and you want them to notice you and say WOW! You can be as daring as you want to be -- do not be afraid to use your imagination.